Global Scholars Diploma

Global Scholars Program Overview

Global Scholars Program Overview
In a world where the boundaries between cultures and countries are becoming a relic of the past, it is imperative that we educate students in a manner that will allow them to compete and collaborate globally. The Global Scholars Diploma credential is designed to recognize students who demonstrate global competencies above and beyond the curriculum requirements at Granville High School. The four categories of competencies that will be assessed are: Investigating the World, Recognizing Perspectives, Communicating Ideas and Taking Action. Students will have opportunities and requirements for this credential that are in the community, school-based, and self-directed. The program is offered in collaboration with the Columbus Council on World Affairs (CCWA). 

"All major hiring companies need global citizens. Global sensitivities, global perspective, global insight; along with maturity and a capacity for risk-taking, are exactly the skills every major organization is looking for – in every industry." Kevin Gill, Global Director of Staffing for Honeywell

Global Scholars Diploma Requirements

Interested students should attend the annual information meeting offered each fall. Students must enroll prior to their freshman or sophomore year in order to complete the program in its entirety. 

All of the items listed below are mandatory unless otherwise noted:
1. Completion of the three-year Global Scholars Diploma Program through the Columbus Council on World Affairs

2. Specific course requirements:
  • Completion of the Global Issues course twice (once in grades 9-10, once in grades 11-12)
  • A research paper on a global topic
  • Summer reading and choice books involving global topics (designated on summer reading materials)
  • Completion of a 4th level or AP level of one language at GHS, or AP level of a language outside of GHS
  • Completion of AP Environmental Science or Environmental Studies
  • Completion of AP World History or World Studies 
  • Completion of World Literature and Composition or Advanced World Literature and Composition

Global Scholars Diploma Documents

Global Scholars Diploma Documents
Article in Education Week about the GlobalEd Network & global competency in high school.
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