GHS Academics


While reading, writing and mathematics are at the core of all that we teach at Granville High School, we understand that our students will need more than these skills to compete in our changing, global economy. Education has reached a new age of reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving and GHS has been a leader in this movement. In addition to earning letter grades for their work at our school, we want students to develop basic qualities that will carry over into post-high school life. Upon graduation, every GHS student will be Articulate, Collaborative, Ethical and Scholarly. Our commitment is to provide each student with opportunities to be molded as both a student and a person.


GHS Curriculum

Every class at Granville High School is college-preparatory. These courses assist our students in developing firm foundations for their post-high school plans. For those students wanting more rigor and challenge, we offer honors-level (Advanced) courses as well as Advanced Placement (AP) courses at the high school. There are also many opportunities for post-secondary enrollment during high school through the College Credit Plus program.

Student Study Skills

It goes without saying that every student who wishes to succeed academically in high school needs to demonstrate a basic knowledge and use of study skills. In addition to completing homework assignments and projects, students are required to remember class material in order to perform well on tests and quizzes.
Granville High School teachers integrate study skills into the daily academic curriculum. Concepts such as note-taking and a variety of study methods including the use of note cards are some examples of those taught by our faculty.
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