Welcome New Staff Members

Granville Schools welcomes these new staff members to the district:


Adriana Spencer, Global Studies/Spanish teacher at GES, hopes to contribute to expanding awareness of the importance of learning a new language and about other cultures. “Also, I’m looking forward to helping students be open-minded, respectful and independent learners,” she said.

In her seven years of teaching, Adriana taught Spanish reading and writing in a private school in Mexico, and all levels of Spanish in El Paso, Texas. Most recently, she taught elementary Spanish in Bloomington, IN. She enjoys working out and spending time with her family.

“What inspires me is seeing the outcome of my teaching – seeing students practicing the language and using it inside and outside the classroom,” Adrianna said.

Charlene Donelan looks forward to meeting students and families and working with the staff as an aide as GES. She is returning to teaching after staying home with her children and enjoys nature, reading, gardening and traveling.

“I am probably most inspired by helping others whenever I am able,” Charlene said.

Amanda Gurney is the Instructional Coach at GES and previously worked at Gahanna Jefferson. She looks forward to working with teachers as they learn together.

A fan of outdoor activities, Amanda describes herself as a musical theater geek.

“I’m inspired by nature, student successes, beautiful song lyrics and people doing the best at their job,” she said.

Jessica Weaver is teaching kindergarten at GES after four years at Southwest Licking Schools. She looks forward to sharing her love of learning and positive attitude with students as she prepares them for their next challenge.

Jessica enjoys reading, walking and getting involved in the community. “I am inspired by creating a positive difference in the lives of the people around me and taking every moment…as an opportunity to learn,” she said.


Haley Bathiany, fifth grade math and science teacher at GIS, is excited to use project based learning opportunities to make these subjects come to life for students. She taught at Etna Elementary in the Southwest Licking School District before coming to Granville, and previously taught in Kentucky. Haley enjoys staying active and loves to bake, make crafts and play with her children.

“I find inspiration in my family, my faith, the outdoors and dance,” she said.

Tanya Wilson, Global Studies/Spanish teacher at GIS, looks forward to helping build a community of young learners interested in global perspectives and new ways of thinking and seeing the world by creating engaging activities for students.

After teaching all levels of Spanish from college to kindergarten, she also taught in Pickerington and at Lakewood Schools. Tanya enjoys spending time in nature with her family, world music and dance, mindfulness and meditation.

“I am inspired seeing children be curious and excited learning about their world,” she said. “I’m also inspired by acts of kindness, respect for the environment, and tolerance and acceptance of all.”

Most recently a teacher at Gahanna-Lincoln Elementary, Molly Coffey is the Instructional Coach at GIS. She enjoys hiking, soccer and playing guitar.

“Building relationships and seeing teachers pick up an excitement to try new things is inspiring to me,” Molly said.

Former Worthington and Tri-Valley teacher Michelle Whiteman is at GIS teaching fifth grade English/Language Arts. She looks forward to learning, growing and collaborating, and enjoys traveling, cooking, working out and watching sports.

“I want my students to understand that the content being taught in class not only spans the curriculum, but also extends into their lives,” Michelle said. “I am inspired to motivate and support young adolescents in promoting lifelong learning and positive growth. I strive to reach all students individually and inspire them to make a positive difference in the world.”

Matt Opachick is directing the GIS orchestra part time and looks forward to helping students achieve their highest musical potential. He enjoys playing bluegrass fiddle, spending time with family and attending arts festivals.

“I am greatly inspired by the joy of discovery and learning in all aspects of life,” Aaron said.

Jason Muhlenkamp is teaching fourth grade math and science at GIS. He comes to Granville from Northridge Schools and looks forward to teaching here where he lives and coaches.

Jason finds inspiration in his family and enjoys the outdoors and coaching football.

Karen Richards is an instructional aide at GIS, coming to Granville Schools after more than 13 years at North Fork Local Schools. She looks forward to being a positive support for students. She enjoys reading, cooking and caring for two Labrador retrievers.

“Success inspires me!” Karen said. “I love following through on a challenge or task – this also applies to the students I work with as they achieve their own success.”


Charissa Mills is an Intervention Specialist teaching inclusion English and math at GMS. Most recently employed in Newark City Schools, she looks forward to professional development and working with parents who are involved in their student’s education. Charissa enjoys restoring furniture, painting, sewing, gardening, canning, tennis and swimming, just to name a few activities!

“I love to learn new things,” she said. “I pick up a new hobby or skill every year. Art and quotations inspire me to add color and inspiration to my life.”

Rex Carr is the physical education teacher and looks forward to learning and growing as an educator. He comes to Granville Schools from Imagine Academy and enjoys sports, coaching and his kids.

“Seeing others grow and finding their own success give me inspiration,” Rex said.


Elizabeth Adams, school counselor at GHS, looks forward to forming relationships with the students at GHS and working with an awesome staff. Formerly with Reynoldsburg City Schools, she likes to go on hikes, walk her dog, do yoga and spend time with her family.

“I’m inspired watching a person grow and realize his or her full potential, especially when overcoming a challenge to find success!” Elizabeth said, adding, “This is why I love working with high school students.”

Tyler Schultz, geometry teacher at GHS, looks forward to helping students understand how geometry applies to the real world. He comes to Granville from Licking Heights and likes to play competitive sports like golf and basketball, and travel with his wife.

“I am inspired by people,” he said. “You can find inspirational people who are doing great things in everyday life.”

Derek Hull is looking forward to growing as an educator as a math teacher at GHS. He previously taught at East Knox and Northmor High Schools and enjoys going to movies, reading and sports.

“I am inspired whenever I see a student achieve that ‘aha’ moment,” Derek said. “It helps me continue to work toward helping each student achieve their own ‘aha.’”


Bus driver Gretchen Hawk looks forward to getting to know students and making a positive impact on them. She enjoys gardening, horseback riding and traveling, and finds inspiration in nature.

These staff members are in new roles for the 2017-18 school year:
Tami Koske is teaching fourth grade English language arts and social studies at GIS.

Lisa Rogers is teaching fourth grade math and science at GIS.

Laura Weaver is teaching enrichment/gifted classes at GES.

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