Superintendent Jeff Brown's March 13 Message

Good afternoon, this is Granville Schools Superintendent Jeff Brown. Many of you are aware of the national walk-out happening across the country. I want you to know about what is happening at the middle and high school tomorrow.

Across the country, some students are walking out of their schools to have a 17-minute event to address their concerns about violence in schools.

Here in Granville, some of our students told us they would be participating in this event.

By allowing the students who choose to be involved a short amount of time to conduct a safe, orderly and respectful demonstration we will get back into class with minimal disruption.

Any student not following the plan will be subject to school discipline.

Members of the school board and administration recognize that many people in our community have strongly-held and differing opinions on this topic.

Here are a few things I want you to know:

No teacher or staff member will be involved in the walk-out, except for supervision of students. 

No student is required to participate. In fact, from what I understand, many students are planning to remain in class.

Finally, this is a student-only event.

Granville is a special place where I believe we are better able to listen to one another and treat each other with mutual respect and consideration. We expect and teach our students to model the same.  

Any parent who wants to discuss this issue with me can call my office at 740-587-8110.

Thank you. 

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