Message from the Superintendent: Schools Are a Space for Human Development!

January 24, 2023

Dear Blue Ace Families,
As we have turned the page on a new calendar year, that means we also find ourselves in the second half of the school year. Time is flying!
At the beginning of the school year, I opened with a message about refocusing on our mission, vision, values and Portrait of a Graduate…I’d like to take this opportunity to revisit and reinforce those ideas now.
When you envision an excellent school, what do you picture? Do you see an institution of learning or a space for human development? You may say one or the other of these based on a few factors…your age, your own personal experience or the experience of your family and friends. Depending on your age you may respond differently based on your own personal experience. You may also say both…or neither, based on the factors above.

All of the above is probably accurate, but in Granville Schools our definition of success has evolved to include our Portrait of a Graduate competencies to complement our tradition of academic success. Our focus on developing well-rounded human beings helps us remember that schools aren’t just about test scores or academic attainment in isolation – the true value to our students is in the application of knowledge, skills and development of the appropriate mindsets that help increase success in our global community.

During this second half of the 2022-23 school year, we will again highlight each of our Portrait of a Graduate competencies – within our buildings and on our external communications channels – by not only emphasizing student achievements aligned with those traits, but also by sharing some of our staff’s experiences with these competencies in their own lives.  
Once again, our Portrait of a Graduate is the beacon leading us to fulfill our mission of Learning for Life.   
Thank you for your ongoing support!
Your partner in education,
Jeff Brown
Superintendent, Granville Schools

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